The College of Medicine at the University of Al- Qadisiyah held a scientific symposium on (under the height of children), with the participation of post- graduate students in the college.
The symposium dealt with an introduction of under height of children which is a short length of the child compared with his peers in the same age and the same gender. There are many reasons that cause the under height in children, and these reasons are divided into pathological, genetic and natural causes such as delayed puberty and do not constitute The incidence of under hight in children, only about 5% of cases.
The symposium aimed to indicate various causes that may lead to under height and can be classified into genetic causes, structural growth retardation, as well as pathological causes.
The symposium recommended the need to conduct many diagnostic tests, which can be diagnosed with short stature in children, including measuring the height of the child and weight, and conduct a test analysis to detect the child’s lack of growth, in addition to a comprehensive blood count test to detect the incidence of a blood disease as well as a procedure Some imaging tests different by the specialist doctor which helps in detecting the presence of a disease causing UNDER HEIGHT in children.