Professor Dr. Sami Al-Hasnawi at The Department of English- College of Education published an original article in World Englishes Journal

Professor Dr. Sami Alhasnawi at the Department of English, College of Education, published an original article entitled “‏Linguacultural variations in the domain of FOOD” in the World Englishes Journal which is one of the peer-reviewed journals published within the Scopus Q1 index and has a CiteScore rating of 3.9 and an impact factor of 1. within Clarivate.

The article intends to report and reflect on the qualitative textual analysis of selected technologically mediated menus in Iraq. As public culturally written texts that are replete with intersemiotic (or heterolingual) features, menus in this context overall come to implicitly index social groups’ relatively shared cultural cognition as related to the formation processes of their identities and transcultural spaces. This, in turn, textualizes the construction of a transnational discourse to resist any politicized and territorialized spaces of hegemony with respect to nation, language, culture, race, and ethnicity in context

This research is added to the series of research by Prof. Dr. Sami Alhasnawi. The previous eight research papers were published in Clarivate and Scopus indexed journals as documented by the link provided below:

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