The College of Education at the University of Al-Qadisiyah Holds a Scientific Symposium on DNA Mathematics

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Al-Qadisiyah, Professor Kadhim Jabur Al-Jubouri, Ph.D. and the supervision of the Dean of the College of Education, Professor Sattar Hameed Hamza Al-Janabi, Ph.D. and the follow-up of the Head of the Department, Assistant Professor Gorgees Shaheed Muhammad, Ph.D., the Department of Mathematics in the College of Education has held a scientific symposium entitled (DNA Mathematics). The symposium has been delivered by both Professor Hassan Rashid Yassin, Ph.D. and Assistant Professor Mithaq Hamza Kaeem, Ph.D.   

       The symposium has aimed to shed the light on the applications of mathematics and its intersection with other medical, biological, and chemical disciplines by employing the concept of DNA in encrypting data through the components of the four nitrogenous bases, which are adenine A, cytosine C, quanine G, and thymine T, which gives a high level of security in data encryption. And protect it from attacks.  

       The symposium has discussed the importance of mathematical modeling in the composition and structure of DNA to facilitate the description of the formation and repair of some cases of DNA formation, as DNA contains the genetic information that organisms need to live and reproduce. It has recommended to include mathematical modeling in postgraduate scientific courses (physics, biology, chemistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, and sports sciences), as well as to develop models used in detecting potential cancerous tumors. Also to form a research team to study DNA sequences from specialists in (Mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, and medicine).

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