Under the auspices of the President of the University of Qadisiyah Dr. Ferdous A. Al-Turaihi ,The College of Engineering held the first international scientific conference specialized in civil engineering, with the participation of professors and researchers from Iraqi and international universities including Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Britain, France, USA.
The President of the University Dr. Ferdous A. Al-Turaihi said that the convening of this conference comes to provide a developmental vision for the role of colleges and universities in activating the scientific research process to overcome the obstacles and to present developments and provide solutions and proposals, in addition to being a scientific research demonstration that indicates the ongoing role of the university with international universities .
Turaihi said that the number of researches submitted to the conference amounted to 192 research
, 110 of them was accepted .after being evaluated by specialized research evaluation committees.
The conference aims to provide a platform for civil engineers and scientists to discuss and publish the latest scientific research in the fields of civil engineering.
The conference included a number of axes including construction engineering, construction materials, road and traffic engineering, environmental and health engineering, water resources, space and remote sensing, as well as project management.
Participants in the conference called for the need to work in a serious and strong way to attract the participation of the private sector in the implementation of the strategy of reconstruction followed the experiences of countries that succeeded in this strategy, such as some Western and Arab countries, including the reconstruction of infrastructure and advocacy to support scientific research centers in Iraqi universities on Least in the area of ​​construction and use of environmentally friendly materials.


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