University of Al-Qadisiyah launches scholarships for non-Iraqi , Arab and foreign students , in implementation of the slogan “Study in Iraq” that has been announced by the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research

In implementation of the scientific approach adopted by the ministerial vision, which is reflected in the slogan “Study in Iraq” launched by His Excellency the Honorable Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Believing in the principle of scientific openness of our significant university.

   University  of Al-Qadisiyahlaunched scholarships for non – Iraqi , Arab and foreign students and for various studies ( bachelor’s studies, higher diploma, master’s, and doctorate for all available majors ), where the total number of undergraduate seats reached 56 as a scholarship, while for postgraduate studies, the total number of seats allocated as a scholarship also reached 146, covering 87 majors.

   And for more details, see the available study programs by visiting the link:

  Note that there is an electronic interview with the specialized committee is required from the applicants, And that the principle of admission is according to the highest basis for comparison between the applicants.

The student is exempted from all tuition fees.

The university bears the housing of the accepted student by providing a university dormitory only.

The available majors link: click here

The application form link: click here

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