University Calendar

Academic Calendar 2017-2018

Beginning of the academic year 2016-2017 Monday 2-10-2017 to 11-1-2018
First semester Monday 2-10-2017 
The beginning of the first semester exams Sunday 14-1-2018 to 25-1-2018
Spring vacation Sunday 28-1-2018 to 8-2-2018
Second semester Sunday 11-2-2018 to 24-5-2018
Final exams of the 1st phase Sunday 27-5-2018 to 7-6-2018
Summer vacation Sunday 1-7-2018
Beginning of summer training for college and institute students concerned Sunday 1-7-2018 to 31-8-2018
Final exams of the 2nd phase  Sunday 2-9-2018 

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