Mission and Vision


The college is keen to achieve excellency in the educational field to serve the community. The college also seeks to be college number one in preparing well qualified teachers that are able to serve the Iraqi community. 


  • The College maintains and develops its strategic plans to attract new students or graduates at the highest level through educational programs that meet the actual needs of the labor market. 
  •  Providing students with a broad scientific knowledge in the scientific and educational fields qualify them to work creative product in public institutions
  • The faculty works diligently to develop and improve scientific research by relying on distinguished faculty members and encouraging scientific research, as well as employing scientific research and investing in developing society, solving scientific problems and proposing the resulting scientific solutions.
  •  build educated community and cooperate with the colleges of the university and the ministry of education. Using the latest up to date scientific researches and activities in light of the Iraqi values and the criteria of academic accreditation.

Strategic Priorities

Global Perspective: Education college committed to developing cultural competence, and understanding perspectives other than our own, through respectful communication and interaction with others.
Research: We are committed to conducting quality research, developing innovative research protocols, publishing in premier journals, and preparing students to engage in research.
Leadership Development: We are committed to developing professional and responsible future.

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