College Of Law

The College of Law was established in 2005 ,It has  two scientific departments: the Public Law Department and the Private Law Section. The College also has a scientific research unit specialized in the field of human rights .

The duration of the study in the college is four years, where the graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in law, which provides the state departments, especially the judiciary, civil society institutions and the private sector with qualified legal and legal departments specializing in law sciences in all its branches, preparing researchers specialized in the field of law, Promoting a human rights approach and reaching an advanced stage of legal culture.

Contributing to the preparation of distinguished legal graduates in the field of legal studies are qualified to be distinguished cadres in the field of law, law, legal departments, companies and banks in both government and private sectors. The College also contributes to providing opportunities and fields of continuing education for graduates and others through various graduate programs, Society through its highly qualified human resources in the provision of services, legal advice and scientific research.

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