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College Of Engineering


In light of the increasing need for specialized engineering personnel in all fields of development and growth witnessed by our beloved Qatar and in line with the aspirations of Iraq to expand the scientific base to include all governorates of the country it was necessary to develop the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Qadisiyah to meet the needs of the province of engineers capable of promoting the movement of urbanization And construction that is expected to be witnessed by the province.

It was inaugurated in the academic year 2005-2006 in the civil and mechanical engineering departments as a first stage. Later, the Department of Chemical Engineering was established and the teaching staff and the appropriate educational requirements were prepared for the specializations of these departments. The college receives the graduates of the preparatory school – the scientific branch according to the central admission plan in addition to the first students of the graduates of the technical institutes in similar disciplines, to be distributed to the scientific departments according to their wishes and their rates according to the admission plan in each scientific department.

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