College Of Education

The college of education established in 1988 and the first academic year 1989 . It was started with  three departments (Arabic, English, mathematics ) In the subsequent academic year more than four departments were established , (Chemistry, Biology, History ), continued with these departments until 2011 which was become 9 departments ,The college is a scientific and educational institution seeks to prepare a well-qualified cadres to teach the different curriculums for primary schools. The college is keen to plant the professional and ethical values in the students and enable them to practice the modern educational activities. The college also seeks to improve scientific research to serve the community. 

1- Biology Department 

2- Arabic Department

3- History Department

4- Biology Department

5- Mathematics Department

6-English Department 

7-  Chemistry Department   

8-  psychology Department  

9- Quran & Islamic Education Department  

College website :

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