Under the auspices of the President of the University of Al-Qadisiyah Dr. Ferdous A. Al-Turaihi , College of Education for women organized the first scientific forum entitled “social media and its impacts on the individual and society ” with the participation of a number of researchers and specialists in the field of security.

Dr. Al-Turaihi called for tightening family control and the governmental organizations and launch educational campaigns on how to deal with these emerging issues.

The forum aimed to shed light on the reality of social media and its impact on society and identify the negative aspects of social sites and how to reduce them.

The forum has tackled several axes:-
*  terrorism and social media, and how to face it,  introduced by Mr. Saeed Aljayashi, an expert in security.
*  Misuse of social media pages and the crime of electronic extortion  in Iraqi law presented by Dr. Saad Maan the Director of Relations and Information at the Ministry of the Interior.
* Positive aspects of social media
* Disseminate rumors and destructive ideas – electronic extortion.